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Por Los Niños is a Mexican-registered non-profit charity founded in 2005 to administer the funds raised by the annual Zihua Sailfest benefit festival.

  • All funding decisions are made by a volunteer advisory committee consisting of bilingual educators, international residents and members of the Zihuatanejo business community

  • We work in partnership with local government agencies, generous individual donors, Rotary Clubs, international charities, and the local communities to provide educational opportunities to Zihuantanejo’s least advantaged children

  • This very successful collaboration has built 175 classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and playgrounds, including new schools and expansions and/or repairs to 46 existing schools.

  • We have awarded over one thousand academic and English language scholarships and provide more than 30,000 school meals a year to children who would otherwise go hungry. In addition, 70 of our students now have scholarships.

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