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Chili Cook-off

Criteria for Participants 2024



  • Confirmation 

The Chili Cook-off Chairperson will contact you two days ahead of the event to confirm your participation. If you are unable to attend, please advise the Chili Chairperson early so arrangements can be made for another participant

  • Amount of chili

-    Minimum 2 gallons of Chili (but as we usually run out,  3-4 gals would be preferred)

-    Recommended portions:  1/3 of a cup be given to each customer

-    Tasting cups are larger so they are not too hot to hold, please do not fill them up as you will run out of Chili

  • Extras  - you can provide cornbread, extra condiments, and tequila if you desire, but the judging of the chili will be on the chili alone

  • Hotplates or electricity are NOT provided, you will have to bring your own form of keeping the chili hot, but keeping the chili hot if it is in a good container has never been a problem. There may be some outlets available on the pier

  • Tables are usually 8 feet and are shared by two persons, if you require extra space, please let it be known -   check in with the Chili Chairperson to get your table location which will have your name on it.

  • Theme -  there is a prize for the Best-Decorated table or theme

  • Time  - the event is from 1:30 - 3:30 pm, you will need to be there earlier to set up your table

  • Shade  - will be provided

  • Supplies - each table is provided with:

  -    tablecloth – you can supply your own if you want something to go with your theme

  -    container for Chili tickets and a container for “People’s Choice” tokens

  -    ladle 1/3 cup - which is to be returned 

  • Judging - You must provide up to 3 tastes for the judges, of about 1/3 of a cup each. Someone will come around early to gather chili to take to the judges

             -   Judging is based on:   Presentation, Aroma, Texture, Taste, After-taste

  • Trash boxes will be located throughout the Chili Cook-off area

  • Relief  - a volunteer runner, hopefully, two will be available to get drinks or help participants during the tasting period

  • Prizes:

Best tasting chili rated by the Judges– 1st - awarded a Gift Certificate & Silver Spoon

People’s Choice – most tokens collected – a Gift certificate

Best Decorated Table  –  a prize of 2000 pesos will be given


Have a great day and raise a bunch of money for the kids!

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