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Make new friends - make a difference! 

Cruiser Information

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Planning your visit

Zihuatanejo has a large bay with several protected anchorages. There is also a large marina in Ixtapa where you can refill your tanks with diesel and water. Most visiting boats prefer to stay in the anchorage.

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Port Captain

The Port Captain's office is located on the municipal pier, close to the dinghy landing beach. The Port Captain is looking forward to welcoming cruisers to Zihuatanejo, you will find check in information posted here shortly.

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Once you have registered to take part in Sailfest we will be in touch with further information. Whilst you are welcome to just take part in events, it is a lot more fun as well as beneficial to the school projects if you can take guests out on your boat as well. 


Register your boat here:
Sail or Motor

Thank you for your registration! We'll get back to you soon.

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