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Port Captain


When you arrive in Zihuatanejo you should report in to the Port Captain on the main pier to register your boat and crew. The office is easy to find, just a few steps from the dinghy landing beach. As you reach the pier, you will find it at the very entrance marked ' Capitania de Puerto'..

The Port Captain will require photocopies of all passports, vessel TIP, registration, insurance certificate and previous port checkout paper. It is worth planning for this in advance by having multiple copies on board as the office will not make copies for you. If you need copies made the closest copy place is Papeleria Lopez Impresores on Benito Juarez. It is an easy walk along the Paseo de Pescador towards the Museum where you will  continue for a short distance alongside the canal along the cycle path. You will see Calle Benito Juarez on your left, cross the street and you will see a large copy shop next to Scotia Bank. There is no charge to check in or out of Zihuatanejo.

Please checkout a couple of days before your planned departure and take into account the office opening hours when doing so.

                                                                                                    Port Captain Notice


Port Captain Opening Hours


Saturday - Closed

Sunday - Closed

Monday - 9am - 2pm

Tuesday - 9am - 2pm

Wednesday - 9am - 2pm

Thursday - 9am - 2pm

Friday - 9am - 2pm

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