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Rally round the rock is your chance to be part of a yacht crew and help sail the boat from the bay of Zihuatanejo around Roca Negra and back. If pulling sheets and hauling sails is not your cup of tea, come along anyway and enjoy the ride!

The Rally 'Round the Rock Cruiser is the perfect event for anyone who loves a little friendly competition and wants to support education in Mexico. This exciting sailing event takes place from 'to the rock and back' and offers stunning views of the bay. All proceeds from this event will go towards providing education for children in need. Join us for a day of fun and philanthropy.

$500 peso donation - booking opens February 1st

Karen copy of Rally 'Round the Rock'

  • This event is open to all but we do consider that you will need a basic level of fitness and agility to take part. Access to the water taxi and on board the sailing yacht will involve steps and uneven surfaces. If you have any questions please see our F.A.Q.

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